Guest Students/Short Course Certificates (SCC)

Our programme is open to guest students who wish to take just one or few modules without signing up for a specific programme. Upon completion of the module(s) guest students receive a short course certificate by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

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The core course as well as all advanced modules offered by our institute are available to guest students. Please note that for some modules specific eligibility criteria apply. Guest students are not registered as students of CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin.

Guest students enrolled in a module can choose to participate in the assessments. Those who have successfully passed the assessments will obtain a Certificate of Successful Attendance. Students who choose not to participate in the assessments or who were not successful in the assessments will receive a Certificate of Attendance. The Certificate of (Successful) Attendance is awarded by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Guest students who have succesfully completed the Core Course may change to the Master's programme or any of the Diploma programmes if they otherwise fulfil the respective elegibility criteria.