Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health (DTMPH)

The Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health (DTMPH) programme provides students with basic knowledge and skills in research methods, tropical medicine and international public health, and with advanced knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases. For German physicians, the DTMPH is a prerequisite for the sub-specialisation "Tropical Medicine" (Zusatzbezeichnung Tropenmedizin).

The DTMPH programme's primary target group are physicians who wish to practice Tropical Medicine. Registered nurses, clinical officers etc. with experience in providing curative patient care may apply for a special permission to be admitted to the DTMPH programme.

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To obtain the DTMPH, students must successfully complete the Core Course (15 weeks, from early September to Mid-December) and 3.5 weeks' worth of Advanced Modules: Parasitology in International Health, Clinical Management of Tropical Diseases and its complement Occupational Medicine in International Health (Mid-February to Mid-March of the following year). DTMPH candidates have to complete the programme within one academic year.

The Diploma is awarded by Charité's Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health. Diploma students are not enrolled as students with Charité.

The programme may be combined with the Master of Science in International Health and/or the Diploma in International Public Health.