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Courses & Modules

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Core Course

The Core Course (Module name: Tropical Medicine and Public Health”) is the foundation phase of the MScIH programme as well as of the DTMPH and DIPH. It provides the basic knowledge and the main principles and concepts of International Health. This full-time course takes place every year from early September until mid-December (15 weeks).

Advanced Modules

In the advanced studies phase students select from a wide range of so called “Advanced Modules” according to their individual interests. The majority of advanced modules offered are full-time courses of one to four weeks duration and run between January and June each year. Some few modules run over a longer periods, later in the year, are offered as part-time course and/or are delivered online.

Additional Critical Literature Review

This module is only for students of the MScIH programme who start with 180 ECTS credit points. The Additional Critical Literature Review (ACLR) is a small research project in the form of a critical literature review, which should be completed within 3 months.

Relevant Professional Experience

Students of the MScIH programme have to prove at least one year of full-time professional experience related to International Health in a low- or middle-income country as defined by the OECD before they can graduate. Students who do not have sufficient relevant professional experience when applying for admission into the MScIH programme have to acquire it during their studies.

Master's Thesis

The thesis is the last part of the MScIH programme. Through the thesis students document that they have gained the necessary knowledge and skills in order to organise and conduct an own research project. The topic needs to be relevant to International Health. The research method may range from experimental design and primary data collection to critical literature review.