Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health

Approximate total costs:

The approximate total tuition fees for DTMPH-only students amount to 6,062.50€.

Tuition fees in detail:

For DTMPH students the fee for the core course amounts to 218.75 € per ECTS credit point. Given that the core course yields 20 ECTS credit points the tuition fee amounts to 4,375 €. Additional costs: 40-150 € for statistical software license, 200-300 € for field trip to Geneva.

For DTMPH students the fee for relevant advanced modules and supplements amounts to 312.50 € per ECTS credit point.

Registration and examination fees:

DTMPH-only students are not registered with Charité and do not have to pay a registration fee to Charité.

Charité’s MScIH students who wish to obtain the DTMPH degree in addition to the MScIH degree must pay a registration fee to the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health of approximately 1,212.50 €. This registration fee represents the difference between tuition fees for MScIH and DTMPH-only students for the core course and the relevant advanced modules and supplements.

There are no examination fees.