Postgraduate Study Programme "International Health" 

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Postgraduate Study Programme "International Health"

The postgraduate study programme “International Health” is hosted by Institute of International Health at Charité – Universitäsmedizin Berlin and offers a master’s course and two diploma courses.

The discipline of International Health focusses on health issues in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). It aims for equity in health, healthy life styles and settings, reduction of health risk and universal health coverage and includes the following tasks:

  • Describing and analysing health and determining factors at population level
  • Promotion and protection of health
  • Prevention and Treatment of diseases, including Rehabilitation
  • Strengthening health systems
  • Informing health policy
  • Fostering international solidarity and collaboration

The studies of International Health combine Public Health, Epidemiology, Tropical Medicine, Medical Anthropology, Health Economics, Management Science and further related subjects. There are currently 13 advanced modules available in our programme master’s students can choose from according to their interests and abilities.