Application form for admission to the MScIH/DIPH/DTMPH/SCC programme and its Core course:

Who can apply?

Students are recruited from a variety of backgrounds relevant to International Health. They include medical doctors, health scientists, nutritionists, biologists, social scientists, social workers, psychologists, health educators, health programme managers, health economists etc. Module specific eligibility criteria apply.

The Postgraduate Study Programme “International Health” is open for applicants worldwide. Applications from developing countries are particularly encouraged.

MScIH programme only: Applicants with professional experience in a health-related profession in low or middle-income countries will be preferentially admitted. Those who do not have sufficient relevant professional experience when applying for admission to the programme have to acquire missing relevant professional experience during their enrolment in the Masters programme.

Minimum entry requirements

  • Completion of a 3-year Bachelor's programme or equivalent (180 ECTS credits) in a health-related field (see above-mentioned professions)
  • MScIH/DIPH/DTMPH programme only: If not a native speaker: Internationally recognised English proficiency certificate equivalent to a TOEFL score of 550 paper/213 internet/80 online, or IELTS score 6, or DAAD (A or B in all categories). Exemptions:


      ·          Candidates who worked or studied for at least 12 months in an English-speaking environment and submit proof by
            way of work or study certificates

·          Candidates from Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia,  Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda only need to enclose a certificate by the Dean of Studies of  their previous university confirming that their entire tertiary education was conducted in English 

MScIH programme only: Students who start the MScIH with 180 ECTS credit points from BSc studies must attend more advanced modules and do an additional critical literature review compared with students who start the MScIH with at least 210 ECTS credit points from BSc studies.

When and how to apply?

Before you apply, please read the website on undefined Financial Matters and make sure you have a realistic prospects for sufficient funding.

For self-funding students, the period of application for admission to the core course 'Tropical Medicine and Public Health' starting in September is 1st January to 31st March (date of arrival) of the same year. Late applications may be considered if places are available.

MScIH programme only: For applications for DAAD and Erasmus Mundus undefined scholarships special deadlines apply. If you decide to apply for these scholarships, do no submit an additional application to our institute.

Please download the application form "MScIH DIPH DTMPH SCC Core Course" from the top of this website. Submit your complete application as explained on page 3 of the application form:

Applicants will be notified of admission/rejection in early May.

Those who want to pursue the Master of Science Programme in International Health with scholarship support should observe the deadlines set by the scholarship programme.

For the period of application for admission to the European Master of Science Programme in International Health please explore the website of that undefined programme.

Applications for admission to the undefined advanced modules offered by Charité are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please download the application form "Advanced Modules" from the top of this website and mail or email  your complete application to the address stated on the form.

FAQ Application


Q1:  What is the CAD?

A1:   The Committee on Admissions and Degrees (CAD) is the committee that will evaluate your application.

Q2:  Will the CAD Committee on Admissions and Degrees look at my application if the documents are not certified yet?

A2:   Yes, but we do need the certified copies before you come to Berlin and the originals once you are here in Berlin otherwise the student affairs office will not register you as a student.

Q3:  What happens if my hard copy application by postal mail does not arrive within the deadline (31 March)?

A3:   As long as your application is complete and arrives within the deadline as PDF documents by email, the CAD will evaluate it. Please make sure that the PDF documents are readable if printed. Please send the hard copy application via postal mail as soon as possible.

Q4:  Will late applications be considered?

A4:   The CAD will meet in April to view the applications which were complete until 31 March. These applicants will receive a message whether they are accepted, rejected or placed on a reserve list. The CAD may consider late applications if places become available. Please send a request to mscih-enquiry(at)

Q5:  What if one document is missing for my application (for example the proof of English proficiency) but I do have all other documents – can I still apply?

A5:   If just one document is missing for your application, please already send all the other documents as PDFs by email. Once you received the missing document please forward it to us as PDF. The CAD will not evaluate applications unless they are complete.

Q6:  What if my English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS score) is not good enough according to the application requirements?

A6:   The CAD does not make exemptions for English proficiency other than the ones stated on the application form.

Q7:  Do I need to have the professional experience before I apply?

A7:   Only students who wish to finish their studies in one year (including Erasmus Mundus and DAAD scholarship applicants) need to have sufficient professional experience before they apply. All other students can obtain their professional experience during their studies.

Q8:  How much does the degree cost?

A8:   Please take a look Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster here

Q9:  If I apply for a Diploma and not for the Master in International Health, do I need to send the same application documents?

A9:   Yes, you do.